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 I am excited to share my skills and expertise for the best of all concerned. This is a selection of my fields of research and action. Balancing of energy may be through gifting, skills/resource exchange or financial remuneration and is bound to individual agreement.

“My imperative is to interact directly with individuals to empower them to live their highest excitement by modelling their environments and experiences.“ I provide tools and design context to support insight, integration and individual self-empowerment.

Conscious Experience-Modelling (Coaching/Consulting/Workshops)
"How can I model my experience according to my desire?"

Presentation of spiritual ideas as logically sound concepts which may be implemented and verified through individual action and observation. Facilitation of conscious application of the Universal Laws of Creation and The Formula of Acting on Your Highest Excitement along with related concepts such as synchronicity, immortality, all-oneness, polarity, unconditional love, permission slips, interpretational sovereignty, self-empowerment and manifestation. Translation of these concepts into concrete social and technological solutions. Assistance and tools for the transformation of belief systems and lifestyle to facilitate mastery of individual challenges and manifestation of your preferred reality. 

Experiences/Sources: CXM Workshops, Bashar/Essasani, Autodidact (see essays A Conscious Decision, The Art of Creation and All-One in the Dark), (synchronicity consulting), Practical Application


Systems Praxis (Consulting/Workshops/Action)
“How can I implement efficient and sustainable systems?”

Recognition of different organisational models from hierarchy to distributed systems. Understanding their economical, psychological, technological and philosophical implications within organisations and society as a whole. Development of holistic strategies for organisational and societal development. Research and implementation of alternative modes of distribution and decision-making. 

Experiences/Sources: Psychology of Distribution (Presentation/German), Consulting on Self-Organisation (e.g. W139), The Open University (Systems Theory/Social Psychology/Management), Project Starfish (Mesh Networking Concept), The Earth Organisation for Sustainability (Relations Co-Director), Engagement in Austrian Civil Society (e.g. Wiener Wende), Work Environments (e.g. Prezi), Autodidact (see essays The Hierarchical Principle and The Simple Method)


Design of Experience and Environment (Consulting/Action)
“How can I create an environment for self-enlightenment and creative self-expression?”

Design of individual and collective experiences to facilitate emotional, intellectual and spiritual realization. Enabling transformational processes and fostering creativity. Offering different approaches from relaxation/meditation to concentration/ecstasy in order to allow for individual learning preferences and the experience of joy-based self-expansion.

Experiences/Sources: Autodidact (see essays A Shift in Perception and The Missing Link), Workshops and Presentations, Lords of Happiness (Event Organisation), Moderation (Discussion on Self-Organisation/NUU gallery), DJing (General Unique) Visualization (Fractal Visualizer)


Further Areas of Interest
Critical Research and Writing (The Open University)
Health (Yoga/Tao, Nutrition)
IT-Skills: Windows, Linux, Administration (Software, Hardware, Network)
Languages: English, German, French, Hungarian (practicing)
Individual Pattern
Myers-Briggs-Typology Counselor/INFJ
Human Design Wise Talent
Gene Keys Profile Bliss-Stillness
Mayan Kin White Resonant World-Bridger 46 

Feel free to contact me for any feedback or inquiries.

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