Magic is the manifestation of the mass consciousness through an individual.

Neamon, Orion Priest (Darryl Anka/Bashar – Blueprint for Change)

Since 2015 I am channeling ideas relayed by various entities. These are all aspects of human and galactic collective consciousness merged with and channeled through the energy of my individuality. I consciously allow a chosen aspect of your own higher self to speak through me. There is nothing outside your individual intuition, yet together in this manner we can co-create a conscious energy circuit with our combined capacity for higher perspective to manifest. The polarities of question and answer or different points of view are represented by two distinct individuals in physical reality, rather than everything occurring only within your own inner dialogue. A truly wonderful method to gain a fresh, non-judgmental and loving perspective on yourself. This process is always exciting and the results completely unknown, as it is all co-created within the now.

In 2019 I received the denomination “Ringo” (9+9+5+7+6 =36/9) as an identifier for the switchboard operator representation of my higher mind – seemingly related to vortex mathematics and the Sassani triangle callsign.

Some of the core concepts of holographic reality are summarized in this presentation “Bewusste Erfahrungsgestaltung” recorded in German.