NEUROPA 3rd July 2024


Volcanic Lightning –

The Truth About Ayahuasca (hint: it’s not DMT) ft. Stefano Quarta –

Cancer types post mRNA vaccines –

The Truth About Diet – Food is Fun –

Glowing C19 Shots and Fluorescent Nanotechnology– With Pfizer Whistleblower Melissa McAtee -EP 26 –


I don’t think we can control AI much longer. Here’s why. –

😤 “Corona Prozess von Monika Donner?!” – 0punkt LIVE 049 –

2023 Review of Notorious Markets for Counterfeiting and Piracy –

Click farm –

The Jones Plantation –


The Bizarre Case of Bob Enyart –

Enthüllungen eines Insiders der Schweizer Finanzbranche: Freimaurerei, Bill Gates, WEF uvm. –

Fundamentals Of The Hyperborean Wisdom (complete English Natural Translation) –


Österreich 1 – Vom Reich zur Republik –

Interview mit Kaiserin Zita –

Wiener Wappen:

MATH TO FIGHT LIES: Anatoly Fomenko explains his methods –

42nd Infantry Division (United States) –


Negros Tou Moria –