Tartaria Research Collection

Links to get started investigating Tartaria / Mud Flood / Antiquitech / Reset / Hidden History. Do your own research and make up your own mind.

Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.

George Orwell (1984)

Recent Update: 22 October 2023

Sylvie Ivanova – New Earth: Odysee / YouTube > History of Tartaria

Jon Levi: Odysee / YouTube / Website > End of Great Tartaria | Architecture of Cathedrals | Orphan Trains (Populating Empty Cities)

Michelle Gibson: YouTube / Patreon > Interview by KGUP Presents | Creating the New World from the Old World | Who was George Peabody, the Father of Modern Philanthropy?

Philip Druzhinin: YouTube

Andreas Xirtus: Tartary Nova / Odysee / #TEAMrabbithole > History Revised Xirtus Tartaria Documentary | Tartarianism and Atlanticism


Stellium7: Odysee / YouTube / #TEAMrabbithole > Unveiling A Titan

UAP Channel: Odysee / Odysee 2 > The Great Tartary | Cannon Canon

Martin Liedtke: YouTube > TGSNT

David Ewing Jr.: Amazon / Log > The Quran Against the World Order | Playlist

Richard Lopez: Odysee > Tartarian Brick #Tartaria #Mudflood

Max Igan: Odysee > Interview with Expanding Reality

CONSPIRACY-R-US: YouTube > Gründerzeit and Roman Cement 2.0

Anatoly Fomenko: The Issue with Chronology / Wiki

Ewaranon: Illuminated-Illusions.com

Jarid Boosters: YouTube > The Orphan Trains

Ancient Historia: Odysee / YouTube > Tartaria: Stolen History Explained

Autodidactic: YouTube / Odysee > Africa in the 1700’s

BurnEye Crypto Alchemist: YouTube > Giants, Pyramids, Pigmies

Didier Lacapelle: YouTube / Blog / Chronology of Religions > First English Presentation / French Presentation

Original: The Virus of Alienation (compilation on overpopulation and germ theory debate to illustrate the historical buildup of the reset theme)

EndGameIslam: > Tartaria, Solomon, Bird’s Dance, and Music


Old Scary World


Tartaria auf Deutsch (German):

Chnopfloch: YouTube > Erfundene Geschichte

Martin Hipp: Bachheimer | MGK1 + Frank Köstler | Xirtus | Hermetic Metric of Tartary | Telegram tataria777

MindUnveiled Deutsch: YouTube

Andreas Xirtus: Geschichte neu betrachtet

David Ewing Jr: Schädel, Knochen und gemeine Kannibale