Stellium7 – Versteinerte Riesen & Organe – Teil 1 – Die Entdeckungen (deutsche Synchronisation)

Deutsche √úbersetzung von Stellium7 “PETRIFIED TITANS & ORGANS – PART 1 – THE DISCOVERIES”. Original:…

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(Tartaria, Tartarien, Archäologie, Geologie, Versteinertes Herz, Schlammflut, Sternenfestungen, Bastion Forts, Star Forts, Mud Flood, Unveiling A Titan)

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NEUROPA with Andreas Xirtus

A podcast series with guests invited by myself graciously hosted by Andreas Xirtus: YouTube Playlist / Due to “community guidelines”, some shows are only listed through the Odysee Playlist.


Guest Appearance on The VONU Podcast #150 (Liberty Under Attack Publications)

Thanks to Rayo of VONU Podcast / Liberty Under Attack Publications for inviting me for a conversation right after himself appearing on #TEAMrabbithole 269.


On this exploration of spiritual self-liberation, I'm joined by Raffael, one of the hosts of the #TeamRabbitHole podcast. Herein, he fills us is on his journey/path, significant influences & breakthroughs, and we finish with a discussion on false timelines/historical resets...

And the importance of understanding our history, our ancestry, and rectifying the falsities of the past.

Check out Raffael's site for his blog, channeling information, #TeamRabbitHole, and much more:

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