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Hygeia, Goddess of Health (Gustav Klimt)

We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark, the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.


It is nigh impossible to understand the current crisis of institutionalized medicine without being aware of the historical context. In the early 1900’s, self-styled philanthropists (“robber barons”) previously profiteering from the China opium trade wars managed to overcome the well-established primacy of “empiric” natural (homeopathic) healers in favor of allopathic medicine by providing virtually unlimited funding to all major universities and medical accreditation boards. This takeover (see Corbett Report, Mind Unveiled or Nancy Turner Banks) ultimately resulted in the modern medical establishment focused on prescribing drugs and performing invasive surgery over any kind of lifestyle changes or natural remedies to support one’s health. The dependence on expensive pharmaceutics (“drugs”) as well as highly specialized medical technology and training (costs which are often collectivized through social security payments) is not only highly profitable for the manufacturers but furthermore promotes a mechanistic, irresponsible and ultimately insufficient model of human biology as exemplified by the rise of so-called diseases of affluence brought about by modern “civilization”. Whilst ignorance and profit motive are certainly factors for many participating in this narrative, it should be noted that the underlying ideology is nothing short of a neo-darwinist eugenics perspective that was only recently relabeled as “bioethics” in the context of official institutions (Bioethics and the New Eugenics).

The willingness to engage in open debate and confront criticism may oftentimes indicate the strength of one’s argument. As an archetypal figurehead of current institutionalized medicine (2021), Anthony Fauci, then-head of NIH, already was unwilling to engage in transparent academic discussion with Nobel Laureate Kary Mullis, Inventor of the PCR test.

Once historical understanding is established, it becomes easier to imagine the depth and scope of medical misinformation narratives being perpetrated upon modern civilization for several generations. There is hardly anyone alive today who has not been subjected to bioethics and germ theory propaganda.

Recently, Dr. Stefan Lanka commissioned a control experiment (English/German) for the theory of so-called viruses being the determining causative agent for cytopathic effects and disease. Although all of modern germ theory is based upon these assumptions, this control experiment had never been performed and certainly calls modern virology into question. Whereas Lanka assumes an academic and perceptual misunderstanding, others see the aforementioned bioethics agenda as part of the equation as to why these models had never been allowed to be publicly questioned before.

Bernard was right. The germ is nothing; the terrain is everything.

Louis Pasteur, Inventor of Modern Vaccination

Similar to today, those that still dared to question the “settled science” were quickly demonized as quacks and outcasts, the very same playbook that had already been used last century to demote naturopathic medicine – although even Louis Pasteur eventually could not withstand the arguments of Claude Bernard and Antoine Béchamps in favor of terrain theory and pleomorphism, a model within which pH (power of hydrogen), electrical charge, nutrition and toxins determine health as well as the prevalence of different particles and bacteria within the body. The modern “alternative” yet historically “traditional” perspectives survived through homeopathy, Chinese traditional medicine and Ayurveda. A holistic model that allows for self-responsible health choices and the understanding of the root cause of most dis-ease as manifested psychological conflict is represented by New Medicine and the 5 Biological Laws (German / English). It concludes sickness may well be a natural self-regulatory process of detoxification rather than a condition to be avoided or suppressed at all costs.

Is health a multi-factored equation over whose variables we are able to assume great responsibility through individual lifestlye choices of taking care of micro- and macro-biome or are there potentially deadly particles able to damage and colonize any organism? The importance of our individual and collective answer to this question can not be underestimated. The fundamental difference is whether self or others are primarily responsible for one’s own health and whether or not other individuals can present the danger of infection with potentially terminal illness through biological transmission. Dogmatic belief in germ theory lends itself to instill fear of fellow humans and facilitates susceptibility to control and psycho-social devastation through lock-downs, social isolation and censorship as even information not conforming to the mandated narrative is deemed dangerous. Dr. Robert O. Young summarizes how previously well-respected researchers including Nobel Laureates are shunned once they dare to question these dogmas pursuant to their honest interest in truth and open-ended scientific inquiry.

This conversation between Dr. Stefan Lanka, Dr. Tom Cowan, Dr. Andrew Kauffman and Dean Braus illustrates the broader psychological and philosophical questions associated with materialism and germ theory, outlining ideas to achieve a healthy reset of our understanding of human well-being now including the psycho-spiritual dimension. This is not done out of romanticism or idealism, but to actually arrive at a model that allows for a more comprehensive understanding of all factors contributing to health and our great power and responsibility in its maintenance and perfection. Furthermore, rather than remaining within the culturally constructed fantasy war propaganda of constant conflict and attempts at domination, eradication and infection within biology, it allows for a perspective of harmony, balance and natural self-regulation of humans within their environment and all organisms contained therein. Upon close inspection, synchronicity and symbiosis appear not only to be metaphysical principles but may well be represented within the biological processes of life itself.

For more detailed interviews on the questions surrounding virology: English: Dr. Stefan Lanka & Dr. Stefano Scoglio | German: Dr. Stefan Lanka – Verabschiedet Euch Vom Virus! ( Teil 1 | Teil 2)

For a concise cinematic summary, see The Viral Delusion – The Tragic Pseudoscience of SARS-CoV2 & The Madness of Modern Virology – March 23, 2022:

For a compilation on the virus question and overpopulation debate, see The Virus of Alienation:

Know thyself so you may take responsibility for your own well-being – for further ideas see my post on Perfect Health as well as the links to documentaries, podcasts and books below.

Notes and Links: Elizabeth Fowler mentioned in Corbett Report’s Rockefeller Medicine is now Director of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services as presented by the Commonwealth Fund initially funded by Anna M. Harkness, wife of the second-largest shareholder of Standard Oil.



Christl Meyer – Umwelt und Immunsystem

Biologin Christl Meyer gibt umfassende, differenzierte Antworten auf aktuelle Fragen zu Genetik, Virologie und Immunologie im Kontext der aktuellen Situation aus einer ganzheitlichen Betrachtungsweise.

Statement zur aktuellen Situation 28.4.2021

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    möglich, den gesamten Gesundheitszustand systematisch zu ÜBERWACHEN,” sagt Krausz. (Ferenc Krausz ist Direktor am MPI für Quantenoptik in Garching bei München)”

Perfect Health

Kindly note I am not a medical doctor and therefore have no authority whatsoever to give health advice. This article was originally written in 2014 to share my personal research into this topic. 

Our bodies permanently strive towards our natural state of perfect health. We may act in support of this process. The following guidelines I adapted and expanded upon as related via Bashar are meant to provide actionable steps. [ 1] While any techniques to further your health are valid permission slips if you know they work within your current belief system, we may make use of the consensus reality. The basic common-ground rules of chemistry and biology allow us to derive methods which will be highly effective for most individuals. In any case – you will synchronistically attract the tools that best fit your path towards perfect health. This information simply provides a framework for general orientation. I included additional information and sources in the [notes]. Please remember that you are always self-responsible for your own health. I merely compiled some tools and concepts I found be useful – all success is up to you. If in doubt, do your own research, compare different sources and make up your own mind. Use what works for you! For a comprehensive summary on nutrition and lifestyle to support overall vitality and the expansion of consciousness, I wholeheartedly recommend Gabriel Cousens’ Spiritual Nutrition.

0) State of Being

Your inner mental and emotional state directly affects your physical condition. A balanced mind and positive attitude are the cornerstones of health. I apply Bashar’s Formula of Acting Upon your Highest Excitement as well as variations of Taoist Inner Smile meditations. [ 2] Your free-will choice to be self-loving and joyful is reinforced by and works in concert with the concepts below.

1) Oxygenation

Oxygenation through breathing is the primal fuel of bodily functions it is of paramount importance. Ensure the air around you is as clean as possible. Practice deep, relaxed abdominal breathing for optimal oxygen intake. Oxygen is fundamental to health as it enables the cells to efficiently generate energy. Practically all guidelines presented here contribute to improved oxygen processing. [ 3]

2) Hydration

Drink plenty of pure, well-structured, toxin-free water to enable the proper transportation of oxygen and nutrients. You may want to check the nutrient and toxin levels in your tap water and apply a filter if necessary. Plant-based food with high water content assists in hydration. As water is easily influenced by subtle energies, its molecular-informational structure should also be considered. [ 4]

3) Circulation

To allow oxygen and nutrients to be processed by your cells, proper circulation is required. This may be most naturally achieved through physical exercise and movement. [ 5]

4) Reduction of psychological stress

Psychological stress may be caused by a variety of factors such as unhealthy relationships, tasks or jobs which don’t represent your highest excitement as well as various fears. Any type of relaxation practice, yogic exercise or meditation may help to focus inward and relax as well as to face and subsequently change unhealthy circumstances. As physical beings, touch, hugs, massage and all loving physical interaction with others is vital as it greatly alleviates stress and promotes well-being. Of course, also make sure to get plenty of sleep and sun as these are essential for self-regulation of the immune system. [ 6]

5) Removal of toxins from body and environment

Physical stress to the body may be caused by stored toxins within the cells as well as the environment. Diets including processed food, pharmaceutics and cosmetic products containing harmful substances may decrease the body’s ability to process oxygen and nutrients. Removal of toxins aids the body’s continual efforts to regenerate and improves energy levels. A variety of cleansing methods are available to quickly let go of toxins – make sure to proceed at your own pace. [ 7]

6) Nutrition

Food high in vitamins, minerals and water content provide energy and may be easily digested. A diet based on plenty of vegetables and herbs, as naturally raw and organically grown as possible serves as a good foundation. Sufficient healthy unhardened fats such as coconut oil as well as some fruits, nuts, seeds, sprouts and legumes provide additional nutrients. Simply start adding wholesome foods to your diet your body-consciousness will naturally gravitate towards healthier options once it has become accustomed to their availability. Lower-grade materials will be discarded from your body as new cells are created out of high-quality nutrients. You may experience radically positive transformations as you change your diet. [ 8]

7) Eating Patterns

While it is important to become conscious of what we are eating, our eating patterns are equally important. Conscious, attentive eating in a relaxed state might be the single best method for a healthier diet. Eating appropriate amounts and taking sufficiently long breaks between meals as well as occasional fasting all support the digestive system. Preparing and cooking your own food allows you to establish a relationship with the substances that sustain your physical existence. [ 9]

8) Optimization

As high-quality, bio-dynamic food is not always available, nutrient intake may be optimized further. Optimizations include an organic MSM/Vitamin C mixture, a variety of so-called superfoods such as spirulina algae as well as adaptogenic herbs. [ 10]

9) Monitoring

Trust your own feeling of well-being to know whether your health is improving. Some indicators of health include better mood, improved digestion and loss of excess fat as stored toxins are released. The ability to easily focus or relax at will as well as your overall energy levels might improve. You may become completely independent of commonly used stimulants and sedatives such as caffeine and alcohol to maintain your alertness throughout the day while still being able to quickly find restful sleep when tired. I found the smoothness and softness of the skin to be a great, almost real-time indicator of health, since its cells are constantly renewed. Celebrate and be excited about your success as you manifest perfect health! [ 11]


 [1] See Bashar’s talk on Perfect Health, the initial inspiration for these guidelines. [back]

 [2] The prime recognition rests with the fact that your mental and emotional state is never caused by circumstances but solely by your free-will choice. The Taoist Inner Smile Meditations allow you to realize that all states are self-induced and thus you are the ultimate custodian of your happiness – which is why I use them as an introduction to my workshops on Conscious Experience-Modelling. Physical reality always reacts like a mirror – what you put out is what you get back is one of the laws of creation if you smile, reality eventually must smile back at you. The other guidelines presented here can improve the body’s energetic conductivity so that this spiritual realization might come more easily. The links between consciousness, belief systems and biology is expanded upon by Bruce Lipton in Biology of Belief as well as his other presentations. Richard Gerber’s Vibrational Medicine and Gabriel Cousens’ Spiritual Nutrition provide a scientific framework for understanding how spirit, mind and body allow for holistic health and well-being.

Thorough understanding and application of Bashar’s Formula of Acting Upon Your Highest Excitement provides you with everything you need not only to be in perfect health but also to manifest the reality you desire. Excitement is the driving engine and organizing principle of your life – a complete self-contained kit – if you allow it to be that simple.

A version of the formula for reference:
“Every moment that you can,
act according to your highest excitement
with integrity
taking it as far as you can
without insisting on a result.
Then, act upon the next possibility
that reflects your highest excitement.” [back]

 [3] You may have heard about ATP production within cells as the primary energy currency within the body. Just as humans breathe, cells breathe as well. When sufficient oxygen is accessible to the cellular metabolism, they may perform aerobic respiration through the citric acid cycle. This process yields about 30 ATP per glucose molecule. If oxygen is not readily available, cells must resort to fermentation, which merely yields 2 ATP per glucose molecule. It is obvious that since the citric acid cycle is about 15 times more efficient, proper oxygenation is the prime factor in achieving perfect health. Many so-called incurable diseases equally stem from a low-energy state due to lack of oxygen which may be caused by a variety of factors, as explained in AIDS, Opium, Diamonds and Empire by Nancy Turner Banks. All guidelines presented here ultimately serve to ensure the proper functioning of the citric acid cycle and allow the body to enter a high-energy state as efficient energy production is enabled through oxygenation. See the information below on the state of ketosis and ketone bodies as an alternative, potentially more efficient fuel than glucose.
In any situation you feel stressed, make yourself the time to take a few deep breaths and you will notice the difference in your state of being. Any time I notice my breathing may have become shallow or pressed, I apply this simple method for immediate effect. All practice involving relaxed breathing help to integrate this breathing pattern into everyday life. If you spend a lot of time indoors, air-refreshing plants might be of assistance. [back]

 [4] Tap water in Vienna is renowned for its quality, although practically all water is polluted with chemicals from pharmaceutical products and chemical fertilizers. In case the water in your area is heavily polluted, either use proper filters or high-quality bottled still water without harmful additives. Also, you might want to check the ph balance of your water, which generally should be slightly alkaline to be in accord with optimal body and blood ph levels. A scientific understanding for the importance of the molecular-informational structure of water may be found in Mu Shik Jhon’s The Water Puzzle and MJ Pangman’s Dancing with Water. [back]

 [5] I do different yogic exercises, some sit-ups and push-ups every day, which only takes about half an hour and the free-will choice to go through with it. Ideally, integrate movement and physical exercise into your everyday activities, even if it just means taking stairs instead of the elevator. Riding a bike can also be a great alternative to public transport or car. [back]

 [6] For additional ideas on health and stress, see my essay on body-consciousness, The Missing Link. [back]

 [7] Most individuals already know what substances should generally only be consumed sparsely, the reference list includes alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, isolated sugars, chemical additives such as artificial food preservatives, processed food and food-like products. Food is ideally grown in a bio-dynamic fashion without pesticides and herbicides. Please note that as toxins accumulated over the years are released and diverted, various withdrawal and detoxification symptoms may occur over an extended period until the body re-establishes balance at a higher energy state.

It is wise to refrain from using cosmetic products such as shampoo, deodorants, sunscreen and perfume containing crude oil-derived substances, harmful chemicals or metals. Many industrially manufactured skin creams are so-called ph-skin-neutral, a value which has become increasingly acidic over the last years due to unhealthy lifestyles and the testing methods used. The optimal body condition being slightly alkaline, excess acidity is actually released through the skin – therefore only organic, non-insulating, alkaline products should be used. I personally prefer cold-processed organic coconut-oil based soap. You can check the INCI ingredients of your cosmetic products for potential toxicity via EWG Skin Deep.

Fluoride in toothpaste has long been promoted as beneficial, however there is evidence it might actually be harmful. Tooth health seems to be mostly related to the body’s internal calcium-phosphor balance as expanded upon in Ramiel Nagel’s Cure Tooth Decay. Oil-pulling with coconut or sesame oil is a method to draw toxins from the body. Fillings containing harmful substances such as mercury may be removed by a capable dentist. I use soap based on organic coconut-oil containing real salt and salvia as replacement for toothpaste, shampoo and shower gel. This is not only a great simplification and potential saving as no further cosmetics are required, but such plain natural methods interfere less with the body’s automatic self-regulation.

So-called table salt consisting of sodium-chloride, isolated iodine and fluoride is harmful to the body, whereas real coloured sea salt containing numerous minerals is accessible and beneficial.

Many industrial pharmaceutics combat symptoms instead of root causes, their intake should thus be carefully considered. Myriad alternatives are available, the guidelines here offering a path towards sustainable re-generation. Vaccines are questionable in their effects and often contain highly toxic metals – just kindly ask your doctor whether he can provide confirmation that all ingredients are harmless and take responsibility for potentially negative effects.

As for cleansing and re-start of the body’s immune system, Bashar recommends 2000-3000mg of organic(!) sulfur crystals and 2000-3000mg of organic Vitamin C powder dissolved in water three times a day. Organic sulfur is a substance essential to the functioning of the human body which naturally occurs in vegetables. Industrial farming and fertilization has led to a decrease in organic sulfur levels, therefore supplementation may be beneficial. The benefits of Vitamin C are widely acknowledged. I personally tested this combination once a day at a lower dose with positive effects – organic sulfur promotes smoother skin.

Water-fasting seems to be highly effective method to cleanse the system, juice-fasting is a milder alternative as explained by naturopathic doctor Stanley Bass. Various teas such as lapacho are known for their cleansing effects.

Another method to cleanse and potentially quickly remedy for many diseases is Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS), originally used for water purification. Please note the recommended procedure and dosages. I overdosed once, the result being nausea and throwing up.

Borax may be used to divert heavy metals and thus promote the de-calcification of the pineal gland. Mild buzzing might be felt in the brain and liver – note the recommended very low dosages. Alternatives include raw cold-pressed linseed oil.

Baths in natural sea salt provide an alkaline environment within which the body may release acidity and toxins through the skin. Heat and heavy sweating such as induced by sauna also assists in detoxification. The nutrients found within wild herbs blended into juice may provide cleansing effects as well. A clean diet as discussed below will also greatly assist the body’s detoxification process. [back]

 [8] I personally follow a non-dogmatic, mostly organic, unprocessed, refined sugar- and gluten-free vegan diet. While I love cooking, I find properly prepared raw food and smoothies equally delicious. I am attentive of my carbohydrate intake due to its effects on blood sugar and consciousness. The focus may be on the addition of healthy foods rather than deprivation and asceticism. Still, I encourage you to experiment with the removal of processed foods, industrially manufactured meat products, animal milk, dairy and gluten-laden wheat-based foods as these are usually the prime dietary causes for health issues, being especially difficult to digest. The power of raw vegan food is shown through the documentary Simply Raw, whereas diabetics are practically cured within a mere 30 days. I also tested a highly raw vegan diet and quickly lost excess fats and accumulated toxins with very modest exercise.

WHFoods offers a listing of nutrient-dense foods and serves as a good introduction to healthier eating, including options for omnivores. Generally, food should be selected for their high water content and/or minerals, vitamins and secondary plant nutrients in order to be easily digestible and beneficial to the system. High-quality fats also contain  many relevant nutrients required for optimal health.

A great indicator is whether food is acid- or alkaline-forming as it is being digested. A diet based on alkaline-forming food is beneficial as the body requires a slightly alkaline state for perfect health. Most raw or just slightly cooked vegetables provide such benefit. See tables in English and German.

Another useful nutrition guideline is the glycemic index and glycemic load of food, indicating its effects on blood sugar levels. Most processed foods including bread and pasta are high in “empty” calories/carbohydrates devoid of any nutritional value. Food with high GI may cause blood sugar spikes followed by throughs, which are often temporarily compensated by further sugar/carbohydrate intake.  Such continual ups and downs cause unnecessary stress to the system, potentially resulting in emotional mood swings, food cravings, continual sugar intake and restlessness. Stable blood sugar promotes a well-balanced mind as well as the body’s capacity for efficient blood sugar regulation.

Weston A. Price conducted research on the diets of healthy indigenous people and found that a prime factor is whether sufficient healthy fats are being consumed. While most indigenous people ate animal fats, a vegan approach might provide the same nutrients. Please also consider the hunting and farming methods of such people, which were much more in tune with nature – toxin-free and sustainable – than industrial breeding methods. I personally used fermented raw cod liver/butter oil blend by Green Pasture to aid tooth remineralization as mentioned above.

If total sugar/carbohydrate intake is reduced to about 50g per day for about three days (as with fasting or so-called paleo diets), the body mainly uses ketone bodies out of fat instead of glucose to ensure stable energy supply. The state of nutritional ketosis appears to have myriad beneficial health effects and may even induce euphoria. It might also be the reason why it is easily possible to fast for extended periods. Ketosis through fasting might be one of the ways to induce a higher state of consciousness, likely the reason why it is a widespread spiritual practice. See these articles by Eating Academy for the forms and functioning of ketosis. 

Chinese Traditional Medicine and Indian Ayurveda are frameworks of reference for healthy nutrition. Natural News (English) and Zentrum der Gesundheit (German) provide a wealth of information on health and nutrition – use your own discernment, compare sources and listen to your body when making any dietary changes. [back]

 [9] Cooking yourself might be equally important as the quality of food you consume, as explored by Michael Pollan. While raw vegan diets appear to have the most positive effect for many people, cook your food yourself to the extent that you feel is beneficial and tasty for you.

Consider your emotional state and reasons as to why you are eating food at any time, as discussed by Bashar. Loren Lockman of the Tanglewood Wellness Center explains how fasting or eating small amounts of high-quality water-rich food frees up energy used for the digestive process and greatly furthers the body’s natural healing abilities.

Attentive eating leads us to become conscious of what we are putting into our bodies. Sequential eating and proper food combining may greatly assist the digestive process: Food high in water content such as vegetables and fruits should be eaten first as they have lower digestion times and can move more quickly through the digestive system than legumes, nuts and animal-based food. This prevents congestion within the stomach and thus improves nutrient uptake – a process that may also be furthered through intermittent fasting such as only eating one meal per day. While it may seem obvious, soaking and properly chewing solid foods such as nuts allows for easier digestion. Healthy food choices and eating patterns also enable the microbial organisms within the gut to find a suitable environment within which they may most effectively assist in the digestive process. [back]

 [10] I have experimented with a range of diets, eating patterns and superfoods. I experienced the greatest improvements in health and well-being when I changed towards a mostly raw vegan diet and excluded potentially harmful substances. Based on research by Dr Joel Wallach, minerals in colloidal form support optimal vitality and longevity as elaborated upon in this interviewThe long-term benefits of proper nutrient intake can be great as the body is able to self-regulate at a higher energetic state. [back]

 [11] Additional conclusions may also be drawn from the inspection of your stool and urine – however unconventional this might seem to you. Urine should generally be clear rather than colored, indicating that the body is properly hydrated and able to release toxins. With a sufficiently wholesome, plant-based diet, the digestive process can improve so you no longer feel tired after eating. Stomachaches, bloating, constipation, diarrhea and other common ailments may completely disappear from your life over time. Excretion might become more frequent and regular as well as clean to the point that you will require little or no toilet paper. While it may take some courage to go ahead with radical changes in diet and lifestyle, the benefits are well worth the effort. [back]